COVID-19 Testing Shouldn't Take Days or Weeks

What if a true molecular RNA test gave
you results in a minute with the accuracy of a lab PCR test?

What if an entire lab fit in the palm of your hand?

What if you could test anywhere, anytime?

 What if all this was cheap enough to be affordable anywhere in the world?

The future is happening faster than anyone thought possible

  • Molecular RNA test in minutes
  • Test from saliva sample
  • Tiny handheld test instrument
  • Equal to gold standard lab test

Test Anytime, Anywhere to keep your family, friends and community safe

The Point of Care test solution for companies, offices, retail, and home

How it Works

About Us

We are a team of experienced technologists with broad experience in molecular biology, biochemistry, and hardware engineering with the mission to help people around the world stay safe. Our team includes world renowned chemistry experts from Stanford University and a hardware team with decades of medical device experience.